Style: a manner of doing something

Brands You Need To Know: OneClique

Introducing: OneClique- Mix and Match Shoe Separates This idea is so ingenious, I’m jelly that I didn’t think of it. How many times have you worn or purchased a shoe and then thought how cute the shoe would be in a…

Miranda Maxwell Handmade Hip Hop Knitwear

Miranda Maxwell Handmade Hip Hop Knitwear

  Hip-Hop and knitwear? I guess.  Miranda Maxwell aka  DJ Mirandom just released a collection of handmade knit tops inspired by Hip-Hop. Maxwell’s pieces feature stripe detailing along with odes to Nas and Wu-Tang. Each top is made to order. …

Beyoncé’s Instagram Topshop Lagoon Print Top Matching Jacquard Trousers And Givenchy Shark Tooth Loc

Only Beyoncé Could Pull Of a Deal Like This

When I first received the email from WWD that stated Beyoncé teamed up with Topshop for a sportswear line, I thought, “oh cool, Beyoncé loves Topshop.” It wasn’t until I started reading more about this new venture that it became…

Nike and Undercover's Gyakusou

For the Fly Guys: Nike x Undercover Gyakusou Autumn/Win​ter 2014

Designed with functionality and performance in mind, with a lean aesthetic and carefully thought out detailing, the latest installment from the collaboration between Nike and Japan’s Undercover Gyakusou is now online. The Autumn/Win​ter 2014 collection showcases more of an emphasis…


Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God

It’s Time for a Yet Praise

  God knows when I need to hear an exact word. Last Sunday, Bishop Walter Thomas preached a sermon entitled, “It’s Time for a Yet Praise.” Since Sunday I have been referring back to that sermon to help me through…

mind final

Get Ya Mind Right

Often times we think the world is out to get us. Our jobs, family, friends, and relationship and health issues all seem to stress us out. Yes, these issues can drive us insane. But the real battle is internal. If…


How Does One Encourage Themselves?

I’m a single gal who lives at home with her parents. I work a part-time job that I sometimes eff with. I am broke the majority of the time, and I run a blog about fashions I currently cannot afford….


Mama Joyce Says

Deciding to think positively in a negative situation is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. -Joyce Meyer


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

“My daughter, you’re becoming so busy and concerned about the things of this world that you’re hardening your heart against Me. Being overwhelmed and worried hardens your heart against My presence in your life because you take your eyes off…


Refuse To Sink

  Sometimes I feel as though I am drowning. Drowning in loneliness, drowning in brokenness, and drowning in my career. There are times when I feel like no matter how hard I try to push forward, there are ankle weights…

Love and Hip Hop Final

What We’re Really Seeing On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

This season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta took ratchet to a whole new level. It was actually beyond ratchet, it was just sad. The three part reunion special was hard to watch. And while the show plays like a…

Lipstick Faith by Lauren M. Johnson

Believe: A Single Woman’s Testimony

Why are pastors so funny? Is it because they keep it all the way real? When my schedule doesn’t allow for me to attend my home church, I often attend New Psalmist Baptist Church because they have three different services…

glow girl final

You GLOW Girl!

As I navigate through life I often think, is my light shining? I wonder if people see God when they look at me, because that is who I want them to see. It’s what I pray for daily. However, sometimes…

matthew 1

Outfit Of The Week

“Love a woman when she got a tight outfit/Outfit meaning outlook and disposition.”- A Tribe Called Quest   Changing clothes is easy but when God strips you down and starts to change you from the inside, it’s a painful process…