Style: a manner of doing something

Beyoncé Performs in a Custom DSquared2 Leather Jacket at Super Bowl 50, Paying Homage to Michael Jackson; Dancers, Clad in Zana Bayne, Pay Tribute to the Black Panthers

I slay. Beyoncé hit the stage at Super Bowl 50, performing new song “Formation” in a Custom DSquared2 Leather Jacket with gold metal military-inspired detailing: Teen Vogue Digital Editorial Director Phillip Picardi tweeted a picture of the above custom sketch from the design duo. You can’t deny that the look was inspired by Michael Jackson’s SuperBowl Performance look. Her dancers…


Buy Now: Christian Louboutin Launches Limited Edition Capsule On Moda Operandi

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, luxury e-commerce site Moda Operandi has paired with five designers on limited edition, exclusive capsule collections. The first, available for pre-order today, comes courtesy of Christian Louboutin, marking the first time the famed shoe designer has been available on the site. The designer, who has a personal attraction to horoscopes, turned to the zodiac to…

Rihanna’s Problem with Being a Bad B*tch

Rihanna’s Problem with Being a Bad B*tch

Rihanna’s Anti album gives boss chicks all the feels because when you’re a bad b*tch you navigate this world differently, and it’s hard. Being an attractive woman who is business minded, minds her business, and handles her business, comes with a price. It’s often a lonely journey of dodging f*ckboys, haters, and doubters. Below I counter the bad b*tch problems…


Buy Now: Karrueche X ColourPop #KaePop is now live

Model Karrueche Tran has been in the lab cooking up a makeup collection with ColourPop. Her #KaePop collection has finally launched and it features matte eye shadows, lipsticks, and lip pencils, a blush, a highlighter, and a contour bronzer. Designed to be as universally flattering as possible, “The shades look great on any skin color,” Karrueche says. The collection “appeals…

Ivy Park

Name Of Beyoncé’s Topshop Collabo Revealed

The name for Beyoncé’s upcoming collaboration with Topshop has been revealed as Ivy Park, according to the Beyhive, which uncovered a Topshop legal document (below), referencing the name in a legal document. Providing additional proof, the hive proceeded to dig up an image of Bey in an Ivy Park jersey and kneepads, worn in an interlude during her “Made in…


Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God
Sicka Final

Anyone Wanna Buy a Heart?

  I recently tweeted, “Sometimes you gotta add “homie” to the end of your message for friend zone clarity. #pettywap.” True story, after someone called me an affectionate pet name via text, I replied to them with “homie.” I’m normally not petty but in this case I felt like I needed to regain control of the situation. I just won’t…

Good Vibes feature

How To Dodge Real Life Dementors

  Yes, I’m referencing Harry Potter. Because outside of Potter’s fictitious magical world, Dementors are real; and I dodge them like raindrops. Not a Harry Potter fan? Well a Dementor is a dark creature, considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world. Dementors feed upon human’s happiness, thus causing depression and despair to anyone they are around. In real…

heather final2

Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

Gosh, there’s nothing like Jesus. Choosing Him has been the best decision of my LIFE. It’s made my hope so much greater than this earth. All of these things we see are temporary & only preparing us for where we will spend eternity. Make sure that you’re spending it with Him – Heather

Kendrick Lamar We Gon Be Alright

We Gon’ Be Alright

I love Kendrick Lamar’s song, “Alright.” I play this song as I drive to work and I sing it to myself all throughout my work shift. I love this song because it’s true, we are going to be alright. I know I am going to be alright because hard times don’t always last. So often we think we will be…


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

God will use whoever is willing. Don’t limit Him based on how you see yourself. He HAS a plan for your life & that plan requires you letting go of YOU to see it. Then, you will discover why you were made & the problem you were created to solve. Let go. ‪#‎Jesus- Heather

Before You Turn Up Read This:

Before You Turn Up Read This:

I often think about what turning up used to mean to me. I used to drink for celebratory reasons, when I was unhappy, and when I was bored. But since I haven’t had a drink in almost three years, I’ve realized turning up with the help of a substance was a byproduct of being gifted but empty. Gifted but empty…

It’s All About Perspective

It’s All About Perspective

It’s no secret that as I build my empire I work at a restaurant. It is ridiculously challenging because I’m really not for manual labor; I mean I rock stiletto nails! Before walking into work I always talk to God about a few things. I ask Him to give me patience when dealing with my co-workers, I ask Him to…

Joyce meyer

Mama Joyce Says

When you face a struggle, a disappointment or storm, let one of the first things you say be: “God help me find the treasure in my trial. –Joyce Meyer  

God is my provider

God Is My Provider

I have learned that you can either try to do everything yourself and become burnt out, or you can rest assured that God will give you exactly what you need- when you need it. It’s all about faith and perspective. I work at a restaurant where the majority of the seating is outdoors. Making good money depends on where the…


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

Stop anticipating what hasn’t happen in fear. Instead, simply believe the best. Why is it that we put more faith in things NOT working out vs. things working out? Place your trust in God, HE provides, leads, comforts, and takes care of you.. if you let Him. He flows through faith, not fear.  – Heather