Style: a manner of doing something
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Brands You Need To Know: INCH2

I’m dreaming of fall already. I’ve been thinking about what key pieces I need to add to my wardrobe come fall and the shoe brand, Inch2 came to mind. I can so see myself strolling around the city in the sleek flats that go with basically anything. Inch2’s shoes are entirely hand-made and they use high-quality leather from Italy and…

What to Wear to the 2015 Essence Music Festival

What to Wear to the 2015 Essence Music Festival

The Essence Music Festival takes place this weekend in New Orleans and it’s going to be hot; literally and figuratively! But don’t let the weather deter your style because I got you covered. Take some inspiration from my three outfits that serve two purposes: they’re fashionable and they’ll keep you cool. Get ready for all of the fun, food, and…

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Your New Shopping Obsession

For my fit chicks who are on the #flygirlagenda of starting your morning with prayer and fitness, this new site is for you. All of the big guns fitness brands in one easy-to-shop spot: The new site by chic boutique Bandier, carries Nike and Norma Kamali, plus my favorites- Michi and Heroine Sport. Look out for web-only exclusives and…

Christian Louboutin Nudes For All

Christian Louboutin’s Nudes For All

Can Black girls get some nude fashion items that are actually nude on our skin? Christian Louboutin has decided to expand his ‘Nude’ footwear collection this year with a #Nudesforall social media campaign highlighting diversity in flesh tones. Can we say, So Kate in chocolate nude?! Nudes for all launches this August!

Solange x Summer

Are you feeling Solange’s Summer Look?

Lately, I’ve been wearing colored metallic loose eyeshadows in the corner of my eyes with a bare face. My summer time “lewk.” Are you feeling Solange’s Summer Look? Source:


Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God

Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

Stop anticipating what hasn’t happen in fear. Instead, simply believe the best. Why is it that we put more faith in things NOT working out vs. things working out? Place your trust in God, HE provides, leads, comforts, and takes care of you.. if you let Him. He flows through faith, not fear.  – Heather


Mama Joyce Says

    We don’t just HAVE TO trust God, we GET TO trust God. It’s a privilege to be able to trust God. What an honor it is to have a God who is faithful and we know loves us, who has all power and all wisdom and all knowledge, who’s everywhere all the time, and never takes His eye…

Spiritual Growth Ain’t Pretty

Spiritual Growth Ain’t Pretty

You know, some people want change but don’t want to actually change. Some people want God to place them in high places but can’t handle where they are currently. Some don’t understand that in order to get where you want to go, you first have to become the person God wants you to be. If you aren’t changing, you aren’t…


I’m Waiting For Deliverance At The Doe

Sometimes we are so deep in mess that we can’t see the little glimpses of hope showing that God is bringing us out. We tend to summarize our desperation and then invite others to our pity party. We complain and whine the entire time we are in a trial; not realizing that if God is going to use us, we…


Jesus Is My Homeboy

What Does It Mean To Have a Friend in Jesus? I’ll admit I don’t have a lot of friends. I like to keep my circle tight. I have learned that sometimes to be great, you may have to be alone. While I love my friends, they aren’t always accessible. I get it, we’re getting older and my friends with families…


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

When a man is interested in you, he should first prayerfully consider the cost, then talk to you to see if you’re on the same page with vision & purpose and THEN pursue you with the intent to marry. Don’t let some man step to you like he’s “picking up a chick.” You aren’t an animal. You are beautifully &…

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This Lent Season: Give Up The Things That Hold You Back

The season of Lent starts today. This is a time of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter. As we start this season, I encourage you to give up things that hold you back from truly living for Christ. Give up ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts), give up doubting Jesus, give up worrying, give up jealousy…

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Faith in Hollywood

I went to LA this past weekend to style a friend who works for the Recording Academy and attends the Grammy Awards every year. I headed to LA with a few goals in mind: build and network and obtain new clients to style. But I ended up leaving with so much more. I left with confirmation from God that I…


A Letter To My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I had to lose myself to love you. In order to whole –heartedly love you and be the best possible wife for you, I had to lose the Carla I’ve known for 28 years. It’s been a painful process for me. But I continue to endure because I want to get to the best of me for…


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

Don’t glamorize Valentine’s Day this upcoming Saturday. I always felt like I can do bad all by myself. So when I was single, I enjoyed sitting by myself, watching movies, with take out and a glass of fresh squeezed juice on V-Day versus being laid up with a man that I knew I couldn’t marry AND couldn’t trust. Remember that…