Style: a manner of doing something
Dame Dash Says He And Kanye West Are Buying Karmaloop

Dame Dash Says He And Kanye West Are Buying Karmaloop

Generations of real fighters sticking together for the whole world to see…this was always the plan but shit is real and where not doing any bubble gum shit and I hope the whole world sees this and wants to do the same thing…stay tuned #honaorablepeoplesticktogether #hustleforyourlastnamenotyourfirst @loisaidas @damondashstudios @murdamookez @kushedgod @heavenupinharlem_127 @smokeysuarez @queenofharlem @mr_camron @iamjuju_ @raquelmhorn @orgieswiththechef he wit us…


American Apparel Isn’t Here for Instagram Hoes or Thots

American Apparel has still found itself in hot water even after getting rid of its controversial founder, Dov Charney, who was fired in December 2014.  The casting call flier (shown above and revealed by AnimalNewYork), was actually distributed by Photo Genics, a model agency whose director, Phira Luon, has taken full responsibility for the language, adding that it was an internal email whose references…

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Ewing Sneakers Collaborates With Teyana Taylor

I’m totally taking a trip to NYC for these kicks. I’ve been in the market for a fresh pair of sneakers and I think I found them! Sneaker boutique Packer Shoes through its popular Ewing basketball footwear imprint has announced a simultaneous collaboration with rapper Fabolous (black colorway) and singer Teyana Taylor (gold colorway) on a shoe called “Aloysius,” NBA player…


Sophia Webster launches a bridal shoe collection

“Wifey for lifey”. That’s Sophia Webster’s latest slogan, applied on the soles of the shoes in her first ever bridal collection. I already love Webster’s quirky fun designs and now she offers a bridal collection for “cool brides”. The collection consist of seven of her most popular designs, including her classic feminine pumps and laced sandals, and her iconic bubble…

Charlamagne Tha God Isn’t The Only Chatty Patty in Hip-Hop

Charlamagne Tha God Isn’t the Only “Chatty Patty” in Hip-Hop

I’ve always liked Dame Dash. Even as a Jay Z fan, to me Dame along with Kareem “Biggs” Burke were the brains behind Roc-A-Fella. And even though I am a fan of Jay, I am impartial to his business moves and character. I believe that as Roc-A-Fella grew, Dame and Jay grew apart in terms of how to handle business….


Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God

Jesus Is My Homeboy

What Does It Mean To Have a Friend in Jesus? I’ll admit I don’t have a lot of friends. I like to keep my circle tight. I have learned that sometimes to be great, you may have to be alone. While I love my friends, they aren’t always accessible. I get it, we’re getting older and my friends with families…


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

When a man is interested in you, he should first prayerfully consider the cost, then talk to you to see if you’re on the same page with vision & purpose and THEN pursue you with the intent to marry. Don’t let some man step to you like he’s “picking up a chick.” You aren’t an animal. You are beautifully &…

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This Lent Season: Give Up The Things That Hold You Back

The season of Lent starts today. This is a time of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter. As we start this season, I encourage you to give up things that hold you back from truly living for Christ. Give up ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts), give up doubting Jesus, give up worrying, give up jealousy…

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Faith in Hollywood

I went to LA this past weekend to style a friend who works for the Recording Academy and attends the Grammy Awards every year. I headed to LA with a few goals in mind: build and network and obtain new clients to style. But I ended up leaving with so much more. I left with confirmation from God that I…


A Letter To My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I had to lose myself to love you. In order to whole –heartedly love you and be the best possible wife for you, I had to lose the Carla I’ve known for 28 years. It’s been a painful process for me. But I continue to endure because I want to get to the best of me for…


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

Don’t glamorize Valentine’s Day this upcoming Saturday. I always felt like I can do bad all by myself. So when I was single, I enjoyed sitting by myself, watching movies, with take out and a glass of fresh squeezed juice on V-Day versus being laid up with a man that I knew I couldn’t marry AND couldn’t trust. Remember that…

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Fly Carla in the Wild

I am currently working two jobs to fund my dreams. One job is at a cosmetic store where I am the oldest employee, sans my manager. The other is at a restaurant, where another young lady and I are the only two female employees. Both jobs aren’t difficult. But then again they are, because I am in the wild. As…

How to kill it 2015

How to Kill It in 2015!

Last year is over and gone, and this REALLY is your year! Seriously! 2015 feels different to me and I can tell that it’s going to be an awesome year. I’m excited, I’m eager, and I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for me in this fabulous year. However, in order to see abundant changes in…

A Now Peace

A Now Peace

Living back at home with my parents again has brought about many challenges. But the biggest challenge is not having my own personal space. I miss my studio apartment in Brooklyn. There I could come and go as I pleased, take the longest bath (without having my two-year-old nephew banging on the bathroom door), blast my music as loud as…


Mama Joyce Says

We have to learn how to fight like God would fight. You don’t return evil for evil. You don’t return anger for anger. But when somebody does you wrong, you go out and help somebody else. Now, this is really a spiritual secret and a lot of people never get it. If you can learn how to fight like this,…