Style: a manner of doing something
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Links de la crème: The Mad Style and Grace Weekly Roundup

I search for the best in beauty and fashion so that you don’t have to. Here’s the Mad Style and Grace Weekly Roundup, click and enjoy!   Buy Any Means Necessary: 5 Must-Have Apps for Fashionistas The Rivaux: Where to Start When Starting a Fashion Book Collection Lucky Magazine: Puma X McQ Is Coming Next Month The Cut: Wes Gordon,…


For the Fly Guys: Dope Clothing Brand

This line is for my dope boys. Dope LA is filled with statement pieces for the man who likes his streetwear a lil’ bougie. Below are my fave picks from the brand:


Fly Product Of The Day: ASOS JUNCTION Espadrilles

Put some fierce in your step. These espadrilles are perfect for running errands and styling up a chill outfit. And they are super affordable which means it’s a double fashion win. ASOS JUNCTION Espadrilles, $19.05


Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God

Dear Jada, Keep Ya Head Up

Jada, for some reason we are living in a time when males are hell bent on disrespecting women. Men and boys are being taught that it is okay to be a disrespectful asshole. This happens because assholes are what we as a culture now celebrate. Society rewards the losers and the lames. They will be rewarded by other women who…

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#np “Make Me Proud” by Drake featuring Nicki Minaj

    “I like a woman with a future and a past.”- Drake While on the treadmill I was listening to Drake’s “Make me Proud,” and the first line stuck to me. Although I listen to this song often, the other day that line resonated with me more than ever before. My past makes me squirmish. I have to actively…


My First Blogger Award + 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

    The rules for the nomination are: Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their site!  Tell seven random facts about yourself.  Pay it forward to thirteen versatile bloggers. Shout out to Courtney of Think and Grow Chick for selecting me as one of her 13 “Pay it Forward” bloggers! I love Courtney’s blog. It’s filled…


Mama Joyce Says

An attitude is an inward thought that wiggles its way out -Joyce Meyer


Celibacy Blues Part Deux: Four Seasons of Loneliness

I recently wrote on the topic of being celibate and I thought that was where the conversation ended. I put it out there and moved on. But honestly, this here celibacy thing is a hard knock life. It is not easy. Cuffing season may be over but loneliness doesn’t fade when the weather gets warm. Loneliness for me doesn’t translate…

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#NowPlaying Nas ‘Daughters’

For my brothers with daughters, I call this: You must know that you are the first love of your daughter’s life. How you treat her will undoubtedly set the precedent for how she will allow a man to treat her. Daddy issues are real. If her father is absent, the young woman will seek out men to fill that void…