Carla Thomas, Founder and Editor of Style and Grace

Carla Thomas, Founder and Editor of Style and Grace

“To all the ladies in the place with style and grace…” –Biggie Smalls

Now I don’t agree with all of Bigge’s lyrics but he was on to something when he spit his intro bar of “Big Poppa.” There is something special about a woman who has style and grace and this delightful website is for the ladies who posses both or are looking to embody style and grace. I’m Carla Thomas and Style and Grace is my latest brainchild and I’m so excited to share my love of style and my walk with Christ.

This idea came to me when I was attending a vacation bible school-planning meeting at my church in Brooklyn and I was expressing my frustration about the lack of fashion and lifestyle magazines for women of color with an older church member. I was spilling out ideas for a lifestyle magazine and Sister Jan told me to go forth with my idea because I had style and grace. I held fast to that compliment and came up with a website that blends style and Christianity.

Is it possible to blend style and Christianity? I think so. I am a lover of fashion and I am a baby in my walk with Christ and I am sharing my journey.

I hope you enjoy and if you’re interested in advertising, collaborations or gifting, contact me via email (Carla@madstyleandgrace.com), tweet, or Facebook message.

Light + Love,