Style: a manner of doing something
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Tamera Mowry is Loving the Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry Collection

Kristin Cavallari is really keeping the Chinese Laundry brand afloat with her collection. Chinese Laundry has always been the perfect combination of fashion forward shoes with great quality and value and Kristin’s line aligns with Chinese Laundry’s mission. Kristin created…

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Fly Product Of The Day: My Neck. My Back.

For my ladies who like to “turn up” on the couch with a good movie. This tee is inspired by Khia’s song, “My Neck, My Back”. For style inspiration, I paired the shirt with a stunning Peter Pilotto tweed-paneled printed…

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Get Your Wardrobe Cuffing Season Ready

Cuffing season is among us and if you’re boo-less, check out my picks of knits that will keep you warm during the fall/winter season. Pair with leggings, tailored pants, or jeans for an effortless chic look.

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Beauty Focus: Nail Art: Bitch I Might Be

I love nail art. It’s not for everyone but I love when my nails are long with a fierce design. My typing slows down and playing with my 2-year-old nephew has caused a few broken nails but the over-the-top glam…


Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God

Refuse To Sink

  Sometimes I feel as though I am drowning. Drowning in loneliness, drowning in brokenness, and drowning in my career. There are times when I feel like no matter how hard I try to push forward, there are ankle weights…

black women final

The Miseducation of Black Women

  I had a compelling debate with my Black gay male manager about Kim Kardashian. My stance: Kim Kardashian is a joke. She has no talent and her body is fake. If she was a Black woman she would be…

Love and Hip Hop Final

What We’re Really Seeing On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

This season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta took ratchet to a whole new level. It was actually beyond ratchet, it was just sad. The three part reunion special was hard to watch. And while the show plays like a…

Lipstick Faith by Lauren M. Johnson

Believe: A Single Woman’s Testimony

Why are pastors so funny? Is it because they keep it all the way real? When my schedule doesn’t allow for me to attend my home church, I often attend New Psalmist Baptist Church because they have three different services…

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You GLOW Girl!

As I navigate through life I often think, is my light shining? I wonder if people see God when they look at me, because that is who I want them to see. It’s what I pray for daily. However, sometimes…

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Outfit Of The Week

“Love a woman when she got a tight outfit/Outfit meaning outlook and disposition.”- A Tribe Called Quest   Changing clothes is easy but when God strips you down and starts to change you from the inside, it’s a painful process…

Waiting in faith

Waiting in Faith

I am waiting for God to move in my life. He is the only one that can take me where I want to go. I am in a development period and I feel God is saying, “You can’t get to…


Sisterly Advice from Heather Lindsey

I have learned that when I take care of God’s business, He truly takes care of me. I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to fear. I don’t have to try to control my life. I don’t have to…


Dear Jada, Keep Ya Head Up

Jada, for some reason we are living in a time when males are hell bent on disrespecting women. Men and boys are being taught that it is okay to be a disrespectful asshole. This happens because assholes are what we…

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#np “Make Me Proud” by Drake featuring Nicki Minaj

    “I like a woman with a future and a past.”- Drake While on the treadmill I was listening to Drake’s “Make me Proud,” and the first line stuck to me. Although I listen to this song often, the…