Bey Instagram Topshop Lagoon Print Top Matching Jacquard Trousers And Givenchy Shark Tooth Loc

Steal the look: Beyoncé’s Instagram Topshop Lagoon Print Top, Matching Jacquard Trousers, And Givenchy Shark Tooth Lock Sandals

Beyoncé loves herself some Topshop! Mrs. Carter was on Instagram straight flexin’ in a Topshop $72 Lagoon Print Top, $80 matching Jacquard Trousers, and $975 Givenchy Shark Tooth Lock  Sandals. Bey’s trousers are sold out, but you can purchase her top on sale here and purchase her sandals (in black) via Neiman Marcus. I love matchy-matchy printed coordinates!   $975 Givenchy Shark…

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Brands You Need To Know: Cats Brothers, Spotted in Beyoncé’s “XO” Video

Does Hip-Hop and knitting go together? I can’t see Jay Z knitting, Common maybe. I can definitely see Kanye knitting a pair of booties for North while listening to tracks from his new album. Lindsay McKean and Anna Wilkinson, two London based designers have created a clothing line that combines knitwear and Hip-Hop. While working together at a textile design…

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Steal the Look: Beyonce’s Instagram Roller Skating Rink Givenchy Madonna Halo Print T-Shirt and Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi Sneakers

Bey looked super cute while having a day of fun at the roller skating rink. I love how she loves rolling skating because I am the rolling skating queen. I wanted to be a back up dancer in her “Blow” video so bad. Here Beyoncé rocks jean shorts with a $500 Givenchy Madonna Halo T-Shirt and $150 Nike Air Revolution…

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Who Wore It Better: Adrienne Bailon or Beyoncé in Topshop

Posted on her Tumblr, Beyoncé models a Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt and a $68 Topshop Felt Tip Skirt. Just yesterday I featured Adrienne Bailon in the Felt Tip Top and Matching Skirt. Although both ladies rocked the skirt in their own way, who wore it better? On a sidenote: how youthful does Yoncé look? Absolutely flawless.

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Top Places You Can Wear Beyoncé’s Grammy Outfit

While not everyone was a fan of Beyoncé’s performance last night, I didn’t mind her opening number.  I think it showed a chill side of her and she kind of subliminally shut-it-down in a black married power couple opening up the 2014 Grammy Awards kinda way. Beyoncé opened the show in a super sexy bodysuit and a pair of custom Stuart Weitzman…

flawless bag


This Beyoncé saying is like the new YOLO for girls. Finally a carry all tote that is super affordable and perfect for running errands. By KPL Via: , $24


#NP Bad by Wale

“Bad girls ain’t no good and the good girls ain’t no fun.”-Wale I don’t feel like loads of fun. At times I feel very stern and guarded. Most of the time I don’t really speak unless spoken to and I’m very bashful about my accomplishments. I also don’t drink or have sex. When spending a Friday night in the house,…