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Top Places You Can Wear Beyoncé’s Grammy Outfit

While not everyone was a fan of Beyoncé’s performance last night, I didn’t mind her opening number.  I think it showed a chill side of her and she kind of subliminally shut-it-down in a black married power couple opening up the 2014 Grammy Awards kinda way. Beyoncé opened the show in a super sexy bodysuit and a pair of custom Stuart Weitzman…

flawless bag


This Beyoncé saying is like the new YOLO for girls. Finally a carry all tote that is super affordable and perfect for running errands. By KPL Via: , $24


#np Drunk and Hot Girls by Kanye West

#NP Drunk and Hot Girls by Kanye West Released off his third album Graduation, this pre-cray Kanye West song is the one I often quoted. I knew I was a party girl because in my circle of friends I was referred to as the “Drank- Loving Diva.” It was an affectionate nickname, as we all had names that described our…