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How sweet is Yuna & Usher’s ‘Crush’ Video ?

Remember when you had a crush? Yuna and Usher evoke the magic feelings of falling for someone with “Crush,” a beautifully shot black and white video that feels like sweet spring days. The single is from Yuna’s third studio album titled Chapters.

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Visuals: Cardi B Releases ‘Foreva’ Video

Whhhyyyyy is Cardi B so hilarious? I actually listened to her mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 and it wasn’t horrible, it’s stripper fight music. Cardi releases the video for “Foreva” and the video includes dancing, a stalking chimpmunk and Cardi controlling a helicopter. It’s wacky and totally Cardi. In the song, Cardi B builds on the story of her…

Dej Loaf Premieres ‘All Jokes Aside’ Mixtape

Listen Now: Dej Loaf Premieres ‘All Jokes Aside’ Mixtape

Dej Loaf drops her 11 song “All Jokes Aside” mixtape, themed around the process of coming of age as experienced by a woman. Dej Loaf’s vocals alternate between song and rap. In a press release commenting on the project, Dej states: There comes a time in a girl’s life, where she becomes a young woman. It’s called growth, it’s called…

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Does Hip-Hop Dismiss Jesus?

I was on Facebook and a video of rapper Ghostface Killah speaking about God’s blessings appeared on my timeline. Ghostface spoke very clearly about God’s miracles and blessings in a message to the youth, saying, “…that’s not a miracle to you? For you to wake up and still be breathing every day? Every disappointment is a blessing. God will test…

Not for Nothing, Karen Civil Knows Branding

Not for Nothing, Karen Civil Knows Branding

Rapper Cam’ron set the urban blogosphere ablaze when he called out media maven, Karen Civil. Tea: Karen Civil is a blogger, marketer, promoter, and brand creator. She was recently on Taxstone’s podcast. Who is Taxstone? He is primarily known for his Tax Season podcast (The Loud Speakers Network), his Twitter presence, and is a self-proclaimed, “Twitter Nigga.” During her interview…

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Listen Now: Yuna- ‘Crush’ (Feat. Usher)

I’ve been a Yuna fan since “Live Your Life.” The Malaysian songstress returns with an assist from Usher for a sultry track entitled, “Crush.” “I met up with [Usher] about a year ago and we did not talk about any collaborations,” Yuna told Hitz FM in October. “When I was recording my new album, I had this one song and…

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Get Into: Andra Day, “No Makeup” (Kendrick Lamar Cover)

Andra Day’s cover of Kendrick Lamar‘s Section.80 standout cut, “No Make-Up (Her Vice)” is so wavy. It’s smooth, sexy, and soulful. Who is Andra Day? Andra Day is an R&B newcomer who impressively rose to popularity last year. Her sound is jazzy with a twist of modern soul. She grabbed a Warner Bros. record deal and released a successful debut…