solange feat1

Woman Crush Wednesday: Solange Knowles

Out of the shadows of her sister and a star in her own right, Solange comes across as a woman who is obsessed with being comfortable in her own skin. Here’s a snapshot of Solange Knowles by Seiji Fujimori for The Ground Magazine.

A Tribe Called Quest

Outfit Of The Week

“Love a woman when she got a tight outfit/Outfit meaning outlook and disposition.”- A Tribe Called Quest You can explore the wilds of humanity or you can walk into the brilliance of God. God gives us choices. We have the choice to drink, get turnt up, smoke weed, sleep around, twerk by the bread, and just be as wild as…

coachella fashion

Met Her At Coachella

Before Frank Ocean sung about Coachella, die-hard music fans have been attending this music and arts festival for the past ten years. The Coachella Music Festival has a desert setting (the city of Indio is a part of the California Desert), with daytime temperatures frequently rising to over 100 degrees. The festival enjoys little cloud cover or shade and then…